Davenport has been the home to apple trees since 1910. We presently have nine varieties of apples many of which have been enjoyed here in Western PA for generations. We also have Red Barlett pears.

Honey Crisp

The name says it all: sweet and crisp. Prized as a fresh eating apple, the Honeycrisp is also great in salads or paired with cheeses.

mid-season - fresh


One of the great North American varietals. With a great balance of sweetness and tartness, Mac's are a versatle choice for eating, saucing, and salads.

early-season - fresh, sauces

Red Fuji

A favorite fresh eating apple that is crisp, firm, and juicy. Boasts a beautiful red-colored skin, medium in size, and stores well.

late-season - fresh, baking, sauces


Benefiting from the best traits of its parent plants Cortlands have a sweet flavor with a bit of tartness like a McIntosh, but are not as soft, making it them perfect fruit for baking.

mid-season - pies, sauces

Northern Spy

Exceptionally juicy, with a crisp-tender texture. One of the best apples ever to grace a pie, yet delightful when eaten fresh.

late-season - pies, cider


Firm and crisp, with a spicy aroma and mild tartness. Good for long-term cold storage.

mid/late-season - fresh, baking, cider

Stayman Winesap

A lovely combination of tart and sweet, the Stayman winesap apple has been popular since the days of the pioneers.

late-season - cider

Yarlington Mill

A classic English bittersweet cider apple with soft and rounded tannins and good sugar levels.

late-season - cider


Both sweet and tart, juicy yet crisp and firm. The best fruits have a sprightly, aromatic, and refreshing flavor.

late-season - baking, fresh


Our orchard is home to three 100-year-old apple trees. We diligently care for our friends on the farm and are propagating them for future generations. Read more about our history below.



The Davenport Fruit Farm was started in 1910 by Frederick Harper & Viola Maude Davenport. The Farm remained in the Davenport Family for three generations, from 1910 through July 2017, creating many fond memories for families throughout the Meadville region. Undergoing several transformations over the years, the Farm was re-designed in the last decade to create the new expanded apple orchard, three ponds and a cider house. Spanning over 14 acres, the Farm has over 1,400 fruit trees with eight varieties of apples as well as Red Bartlett pears.

In 2017, the Farm was purchased by Jeffrey Boswell of Cochranton, PA, who had a vision to reform and modernize the Farm into a Cidery and Winery. Jeff, along with Rosie Holeva, modernized the 100-year-old barn to include a beautiful tasting room and cider production facilities. Due to overwhelming demand, in 2019, an events facility was built to accommodate private parties and events. With most of his vision complete, Jeff handed the reigns to a new set of owners in 2022.

Kelly and Matthew Jameson have taken over the beautiful Davenport Fruit Farm Cidery and Winery with the intent to build upon the century of regional history while introducing additional excellent Pennsylvania ciders and wine. Patrons will be able to enjoy our facilities year round and we invite you to come experience this hidden gem in Western Pennsylvania.